Customer Fund Account

In compliance with government regulations, KB Valbury Sekuritas does not directly access or manage client funds. All of our clients directly place their investment funds are placed into registered banks in a customer fund account under the client’s name. This account is known as a Customer Fund Account orr a Rekening Dana Nasabah (RDN).
The RDN funds are guaranteed by the government through the Indonesian Securities Investor Protection Program (PPPIEI), also known as the SIPF (Securities Investor Protection Fund).

Similarly, shares owned by clients are safe because they are kept by Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI), not by KB Valbury Sekuritas. Thus, the government guarantees customers’ funds as well as their shares because KB Valbury Sekuritas is an approved and officially registered broker.

In the process of opening a regular securities trading account at KB Valbury Sekuritas, an RDN account will be created for you under your name at the partner bank of your choice.