Valbury Group companies offer licensed financial investment and brokerage products and services for the Indonesian market and beyond, for both institutional and retail customers.

With a strong presence in Indonesia and a history that dates back to 1999, Valbury Group is keenly attuned to local and global developments in the market. Today, our customers include leading major institutions as well as numerous retail investors attracted to Valbury Group by our solid reputation, excellent service and comprehensive product range, all which are delivered in a professional manner.

Valbury Group consists of PT Valbury Sekuritas Indonesia (VSI), PT Valbury Capital Management (VCM), PT Valbury Asia Futures (VAF)  and Valbury Capital Limited (VCL).

PT Valbury Sekuritas Indonesia, PT Valbury Capital Management, PT Valbury Asia Futures and Valbury Capital Limited are registered trademarks of Valbury Group under separate entities and regulatory entities that differ from country to country.