What is Acuity?

Acuity is a unique trading tool that enables investors to find patterns within market data, giving them unparalleled edge. Acuity provides real time trading signals as it detects forming market sentiment.

Acuity can be used on all products on offer in Valbury; from forex, precious metals, equity, indices and commodities.   


How Does Acuity Benefit Me?

Acuity analyzes millions of online articles and automatically pushes out trading signals to your device; helping you make better trading decisions and achieve better trading performance.


What do I need to use Acuity?

The Acuity trading tool can be used on your PC and Laptop.


How Does Acuity Work?

Acuity uses Natural Processing Language (NPL) technology to unlock valuable market insights from the world’s news content, turning unstructured data into actionable trading tools and strategies for investors of all levels of experience.

With AI technology, Acuity can leverage big data to detect market patterns, empowering traders with alternative trading ideas and opportunities. Aside from helping investor predict market behavior, market sentiment data can be used a confirmation tool for technical and fundamental analytics.


Benefits of Using Acuity

  • Sentiment Data

Understand how the global investment community is feeling about individual assets and how this sentiment is affecting price

  • News & Economic Calendar

Quickly find the news and economic events that are likely to impact your portfolio with the filtered news and events feeds

  • AI Tools for Decision Making

Uncover unique market insights from the news with the AI generated market alerts.

  • Place Trades Directly Within The Research Terminal

Take advantage of the Trade Ticket Functionality within the Research Terminal to place your trades quickly and with ease