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What is Autochartist?
Autochartist is a sophisticated analytics trading tool that helps you trade by automatically scanning markets for you. Autochartist is able to recognize emerging and completed patterns in the markets, and will send you a signal when it detects trading opportunities. This Autochartist application can be used on Forex, Stocks, Indexes, Futures, Equity Metal, Energy, and Commodity.

How does Autochartist benefit me?
Autochartist automatically carries out technical analsysis and gives you signals when to trade, helping you make better decisions and achieve better trading performance.  Price predictions using Autochartist are more accurate than using technical indicators in general.

What do I need to use Autochartist?
The Autochartist trading tool has can be used on your MT4 laptop (PC only), smartphone, or using the Autochartist Web Application.

How does Autochartist work?
Autochartist provides predictions based on the types of technical analysis, namely: Charts, Fibonacci patterns, Key Levels and Volatility Analysis, with a high level of accuracy (66% - 90%). The results of the trading predictions are divided into four types, namely:

1. Emerging
2. Approaches
3. Breakout
4. Completed

Autochartist then scans the trading instruments on your platform using various timeframes, starting from periods of 15 minutes to daily timeframes. You can filter the interface settings to specifically monitor desired timeframes as well as other data. Graphic pattern search can also be selected so that it only displays favorite patterns. Thus, Autochartist is practical and efficient trading tool that.

What are the advantages of Autochartist?
The advantages of Autochartist are:
-  Autochartist will give you audio and visual notifications so that you can quickly make trading decisions.
- Autochartist can detect emerging patterns as well as patterns that are already established, so that traders can anticipate price movements faster.
- The patterns shown will be accompanied by a Forecast Zone that marks the target direction of potential price movements.
- Autochartist is available on desktops as well as in the form of a mobile application, so that you can monitor the market anywhere, anytime.
- Autochartist also analyzes price volatility, so that you can optimize stop-loss and take-profit decisions.

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