KSEI Securities Ownership Reference Facility (AKSes) for VCM Mutual Fund Customers


What is the KSEI AKSes Facility?

AKSes comprises information delivered over the internet that enables investors to monitor the position and mutation of their securities stored in their securities sub account at KSEI. Every investor has the right to access to this facility through the KSEI Account Holders where the investor in question is registered as a customer. KSEI does not charge any fees, either to KSEI Account Holders or to investors.


Benefits of KSEI AKSes Facility for investors

  • Investors can access real time data on Securities ownership and changes within the Securities Sub Account recorded in the KSEI (C-BEST) system for the last 30 days.
  • Allows investors to conveniently consolidate portfolio reports that are spread across several Securities Companies or Custodian Banks.
  • By opening a Securities Sub Account that investors can monitor directly, investors feel safe and confident in investing in the capital market.
  • Providing additional benefits of information that investors want transparently in the Indonesian capital market.


Benefits of KSEI AKSes for Account Holders

  • Receive verified information in line with applicable regulations for account holders.
  • As a communication channel for inquiries and reports containing accurate data.
  • Reducing communication costs, printing costs and report delivery costs.
  • Open for further development as specified in accordance with the needs of Account Holders, in order to improve communication between the Account Holder and its customers.


Who Can Register for an AKSes Account?

  1. Investors, specifically Indonesian capital market investors who have a single investor identification (SID), as well as local individuals (WNI), foreign individuals (foreigners), local institutions, and foreign institutions.
  2. Non-investors (Registered User), namely local individuals who are not registered as Indonesian capital market investors.


User Guide and AKSes Web Account Registration please click on the following link: