We offer a wide range of asset management services through PT Valbury Capital Management (VCM). Our expertise covers a wide range of asset classes including equity, fixed income, alternative investment products and multi-asset solutions, depending on the needs of our clients who range from public and private pension plans to institutions and foundations, financial intermediaries and private investors.  On the retail side, we also offer award-winning mutual funds for the public.

The institutional services we provide include management of conventional funds, structured funds, discretionary funds, Islamic funds and investment consulting services. In recommending asset management investments, we begin with a systemic assessment of the client's investment needs, then recommend the asset allocation appropriate to the investor’s objectives and risk profile. For certain qualified customers, we also manage their securities portfolios based on bilateral and individual fund management agreements (Fund Management Contracts) that are formulated in accordance with OJK regulations (previously known as Bapepam LK).

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